Ingredients That Strengthens Your Skin’s Immune System

For anyone who feels that they are defined by their psoriasis, our AKRON skin care products are inspired by your stories, grounded in years of medically-proven ingredients, and centered on cultivating skin that does what it’s supposed to do.

In your search for the magic psoriasis remedy, have you considered taking a proven, down-to-earth approach?

With hand-selected ingredients that dramatically improve the underlying wellbeing of your skin cells, our AKRON Soap Bar and Skin Cream put the latest scientific advances in your medical cabinet, unearthing the full potential of your skin.

Our collection at AKRON is proudly supported by 190 dynamic studies, many of which have just reported their findings this year.

As a result of these compelling references sourced directly from the U.S. Library of Medicine, we selected only the most effective ingredients for our products.

Our dedicated team was eager to synchronize the first product line that fully encompasses this research with absolute precision. Now, we take great pleasure in hearing the life-changing impact we have had on our users.

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Akron Soap Bar

For our loyal patrons who are ready for tangible improvements in their skin health, our AKRON Soap Bar is comprised of only the purest and most effective ingredients that transform hope into healing for your skin.

With the evolution of modern medical research, you can now look forward to your shower routine.

Our AKRON Soap Bar lathers seamlessly into a gentle, nourishing foam with proven ingredients that leave your skin cells feeling refreshed as they begin a natural, fortified growth cycle.

Your skin and AKRON share a natural connection.

That’s because your skin cells desire the moisturizers, healthy oils, and eclectic vitamin blend infused into our Soap Bar.

Overall, our ingredients were selected after careful consideration from 65 vetted medical studies and scientific experiments that determined exactly what skin cells need to operate at their highest level of functionality.


For our highly-valued supporters who want a cream that rewards their skin with hydration and nourishment, the ingredients in our AKRON Skin Cream is a fundamentally-sound psoriasis approach that medical researchers trust for efficacy without side effects.

As we speak, people with psoriasis are changing their outlook on skin care.

They have put a pause on waiting for miracles and instead, turned their attention toward the proven skin health benefits that our ingredients offer.

All the while, they are watching as their skin becomes smooth to the touch with improved underlying growth.

Our founder had a passion for putting the pieces together surrounding psoriasis.

Instead of turning to quick fixes or miracle remedies, they put faith in science - 125 extensively-tested clinical studies and medical references to be exact.

In turn, AKRON Skin Cream encompasses a full lineup of ingredients that promote the natural 28-day growth cycle for skin.

Highly praised by the medical community, the ingredients used in our AKRON products empower skin cells to grow naturally, lending way to improved skin elasticity, appearance, and overall health.


I have psoriasis, and I've tried many different products, but I love Akron cream the best. It's the only one that works! I also like that the cream comes in a jar.

I'd tried everything from prescription medication to natural remedies, but nothing worked. The only thing that seemed to help was Akron, but it took time. A few weeks before I saw results but in a few months I realized my skin just kept on getting better.

I have psoriasis, and it's a chronic skin condition that can be difficult to deal with. It's not easy to find a gentle soap on my skin. I tried out Akron soap and was amazed by how much softer my skin felt.

I have been using the Lotion 108 for about two months and am delighted with the results. I had tried a lot of different creams, but none worked as well as this one.

This cream has helped me so much. It's not just a "psoriasis cream" but has other benefits. I noticed that my skin is more even and doesn't get as dry or red!

I was apprehensive about using topical treatments for psoriasis because I feared it would do more harm than good since it is a skin condition. But this cream has helped me.

I've been using this soap for over two months now, and I've never seen results like this before. It's safe for sensitive skin, so I don't have to worry about rashes or irritation after every shower. And it works so well that I can feel it cleaning and lubricating my pores as soon as I step out of the shower.

This cream from Akron works like magic. It has a pleasant smell and doesn't leave any marks on my skin after application. I can even use it at night without worrying about waking up with red patches or irritation from too much exposure to sunlight!

I've used his psoriasis cream for a few months for itchiness, dryness, and smooth skin. It's the best topical treatment I've used in a long time. It helps my psoriasis and doesn’t smell bad. I recommend it.

I'm one of those who have tried everything out there in psoriasis treatments, and they were all pretty hit or miss. They either dried me out or didn't do anything at all. But then I found LipidTAC. It's a bar of soap specifically formulated to work on psoriasis, and it's fantastic. It doesn't dry me out, but it does something even better. It helps my skin feel like it's working again! Like comfort in a bar. So soothing.

Lotion 108 works wonders! It has helped me tremendously with my psoriasis, and I would never go back to anything else. The most significant difference has been in the texture of my skin, it's smooth and soft again! It was also effortless to apply. Just rub it on your body like lotion. There are so many benefits to this product. I highly recommend it to anyone with psoriasis or other skin conditions.

I have psoriasis and tried many products to help with dry skin and itching. This is the only one that has worked for me! I use it every day and notice a difference in my skin after just a few days. My skin is getting smooth, soft and turning noticeably healthier.

When I heard about Akron soap, I was skeptical at first, but after using it for a few weeks, my skin started to look better than it had in years! I am completely clear of psoriasis nearly two months later, and my skin looks and feels like silk.

I have psoriasis and have been using Lotion 108 for the last few months. It got rid of my itchiness and dryness. I love the product and will continue to use it. It’s a keeper.

Recently, I started using Lotion 108 to treat my psoriasis. I was skeptical at first, but after a few weeks of using it, I can honestly say that this is the best product I have ever used for this condition.

When I found Akron, I was almost too scared to try it because it seemed too good to be true. But I'm so glad I did! It doesn't burn my skin and isn't as harsh as other products. It's like getting a spa treatment every day in my shower!

I have psoriasis, and I've been using Lotion 108 for the past year. It's the only thing that works for my skin.

I've had psoriasis on my face for years and never really found anything that worked. I tried everything from over-the-counter creams to expensive prescription meds, but nothing seemed to help much. Then I heard about Akron and decided to try it one day, and I'm so glad I did! It took less than a week before I started noticing improvements in my skin. Now it's been three months, and my skin looks better than ever!

    Let's Talk About

    For readers impacted by psoriasis who want to counter their immune responses, our AKRON products are vetted by acclaimed medical research institutes that published and peer-reviewed each of the ingredients we use.

    Your skin cells should have the power to do what they’re supposed to do.

    At the same time, no other psoriasis approach includes as much research and scientific evidence as AKRON. In turn, we set out to make 2022 the year where people with psoriasis and their loved ones become the winners.

    Skin can and will grow naturally when given the right nutrients, hydration, and care. Every step of the way, our AKRON products are here to fulfill your highest skin care aspirations.

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